Saturday, July 17, 2010

Happy 17th, Nolan!!

(Well, here I am with another birthday post...and NONE in between. :(  So much for me gettin' back into the blogging-swing...)

Nolan, how can it be?  17 years ago at 3:08 am you came into this world on a sweltering summer day just like today, and have been nothing but a joy since.  That seems like yesterday, and yet here you are, standing 6'4" and a young's an odd thing for a mom to see her "baby" so big.  But surpassing your size is your heart.  I am so proud to be your mom, Nolan Christian!  So proud of the daily choices I see you making.  You know who you are, and you stand firm in your convictions.  You have always been mature beyond your years.  I love your tender heart. Your heart of mercy and forgiveness.  I love your compassion, and empathy.  Your ability to find humor in everything.  In you, I see astonishing strength and resolve.  I love how you are a free you "do what you love; love what you do."  I love how you could care less about the "in" things, rather decide for yourself what is "in" for you.  I love your independent you embrace the unknown, and take the plunge into "adventure" without looking back.  I love how material things are meaningless to you. I love your mentoring-spirit, and how you take your "example" seriously.  I love that you know little ones' eyes are upon you, and walk humbly in that role.  I love how you call me "Mama."  I love how appreciative you are of a fine meal, and especially a home-cooked one.  I love how you seek out wisdom from others and are able to discern the wise.  I love how you listen. You're an imitator of God.  Honest.  You are a man of your word. I love the conscientious student you are, and how you welcome the hard stuff and excel in it.  More than that, I love that you're a student of God's Word. I respect you for how you daily seek the Lord, and slow down enough to know from Where your strength comes.  I respect your sense of self-discipline.  You are equipped for greatness.  I love how you live in the moment...and make moments count. I'm proud of the many ways I see you loving your brothers and sister.  Through Macy Li, I get a glimpse into your protective nature.  In you, she surely has much to emulate.  In our world, it's a gift when a parent can say they whole-heartedly trust their teen...and that we can say.  You are trust-worthy.  I love how you're a you light up a room...and a heart.  "Sunshine" is fitting ;) "Hurry" isn't in your vocabulary, and while that sometimes makes me crazy, it's a sign of your wisdom.  You make time for the important stuff of life.  You're unhindered by what is not.  I love the balance I see in your life.  You're patient and kind.  A deep well.  Precious.  And again, another jewel in my crown.  "I like you for always.  I'll love you forever.  As long as I'm living, my baby you'll be."  Happy Birthday, NoNo.  You are a treasure to your daddy and me.


"Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are sons born in one's youth."  ~Psalm 127:4