Sunday, August 30, 2009

"I Got The One I Love Beside Me..."

Well, my friends, I have NO WORDS for last night...It was un-stinkin-believable!  My boyfriend was ROCKIN!  Our seats were perfect, and I even got to touch him.  TWICE!  Bless Phillip's heart, he even got pictures of it.
This is SUGARLAND, who opened for Keith.  Their songs are fun, but I'm not into "overly twangy, manufactured Southern accents."  Just doesn't work for me.  The lady behind me, however, was pretty much worshipping them, so she was my entertainment...until she spilled her stupid beer on my son!

Let the real show begin!!

This is taken from our seats, no zoom...


Okay, I have to explain.  Keith came down to a small platform that was on the floor about 10 or 15 rows behind our seats.  When I saw him headed for it, I RAN FOR IT!  I was hurdling over seats and SPRINTING back there...Phillip, with his trusty camera, was right behind, as all my boys shook their heads in disbelief!  Here's my boyfriend on that platform.

YES!  I was right there!  Actually, this pic is zoomed in, but I was about 10 feet away from him. 

Now, how much better could it get?!  Mm mm mm!

Seriously, we were 10 feet away from him right here!  Muwah!

Back to the main stage...

Okay, right here, he came back down the aisle a few feet over from our seats, and again, I LEPT over a few people to get next to him, again with Phillip right behind.  This is with NO ZOOM!!

Yes, that is my arm, about to touch his sweaty shoulder! haha!

Right here, I am right next to him :o)

Peyton, Tyler (home from college to see us, I mean the concert ;)), Tannis and Nolan....Now THOSE are some cute kids, if I do say so myself!

Tannis, Tyler and me

Tyler, Dad, Tannis, Me, Peyton and Nolan after the concert! 
What a night!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

In Just 3 More Days...

I get to see my boyfriend!

 Now, many of you already know that I've had this very unhealthy crush on Keith Urban for some time.  I can't help myself.  Whenever I watch hear him sing, he just does something to me.  He totally brings out the inner-teenager in me.  Well, he's going to be here in Nashville Saturday night and I. STINKIN'. CAN'T. WAIT!!  Here's a shout out to Phillip's patient & Keith's manager, Daniel Miller, for the awesome seats one more time!! Woo hoo!! His last concert here was beyond amazing and this one is supposed to be over-the-top with effects, moving screens, lighting and such.  Now seriously, who even notices all that crap when you've got Keith Sweet Thing Urban standing up there with a guitar in his hand?!  Just sayin'.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

More Random Cuteness...

Macy Li is WAY into Tea Parties lately! Everyone who comes in this house is sat down in her tiny plastic chair and served tea...

Notice the title...We LOVE Fancy Nancy!

Notice Fancy Nancy's manicure...


The following was tonight...
Macy Li is also into layering up with any clothes she can find around the house...Notice what this shirt says (double click)...PERFECT attire for a tea party!

She doesn't go far without her teapot...

Fancy Nancy needs a little lipstick before bed!