Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Macy Li!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beloved Macy Li,

Today, we celebrate your 2nd birthday.  2!  How can it be?!  The fact that it came so fast is a sad reminder that we missed the first 12 1/2 months of your precious little life.  But since that day they placed you in my arms on July 21, 2008, our family has been given a deeper glance into the "Father's love that He so lavishly bestows upon us, that we should be called sons and daughters of God."  The very word "adoption" now has become the most precious word ever uttered, because it is the very essence, the living illustration, of God's heart toward all of us who are His'.  Because of you, Macy Li, we understand that in a much more profoundly deeper way.

This morning as I woke up, my mind immediately traveled to that little rural village on the eastern border of Jiangxi in southern China, where you were born about this time 2 years ago.  I think about the courageous mother who loved you enough to let you go, so that YOU, my dear, could be given a hope and a future.  I pray for her that she finds peace in her heart and somehow knows you are deeply cared for and cherished beyond measure.  I know that she must think of you always.  I know that as these scorching summer days come around each year, that she's mindful of those in 2007 when she had to make that heart-wrenching decision, which  must have broken her heart.  Forever, my heart will break for hers'.  Forever, I'll love her.  Forever, I'll pray for her.  Forever, I'll be indebted to her.  Macy Li, she loved you enough to give you life, and a hope, and a future.

Today, we all feel like we're the most blessed family on the planet because we were given YOU.  We count ourselves PRIVILEGED beyond measure to be chosen as your family! You have completely rocked our world and forever changed our hearts and forever opened our eyes.  You bring so much sunshine, laughter and love into our world, as well as to countless other family members and friends who adore you beyond belief.  We pray that somehow, you feel the depth of all our love.  

Though we long to keep you little, just as you are, we're excited to watch you grow in wisdom, and in stature, and in favor with God and man.  We know that what God has planned for your life is beyond what we could imagine, and we're so excited about watching that unfold, as we cheer you on every step of the way.  His plans for you are good, baby girl.  

So, happy happy birthday, sweet angel!   We love you to the moon!

Mom, Dad, Tyler, Nolan and Peyton 
(and Solomon and Freckles!)



Well, a few minutes ago, Birthday Girl went missing. Actually, I knew she'd gone into the pantry. But she was very quiet for some time. I figured she was playing in the dog food, which is a favy of hers', though she doesn't eat it, thank the Lord. Anyway, after a few minutes, I walked over and turned the door knob and gently began to slowly open the door, to which it would SLAM back in my face. I'd try again, pushing a little farther and again...in my face! This went on without a word spoken on either side of the door and without either of us laying eyes on the other for a few minutes. Finally, she appeared from around the other side (and of course I'd already grabbed my camera b/c no telling what I was about to find), and this is what I saw...

Yep, that was an almost finished Milky Way! Now, for a little chick who survives on mere bites a day, I couldn't believe she'd consumed the whole thing! No wonder she was so quiet...she had to work quick! Who cares?! She USED to be an orphan! Today, the princess can have all the Milky Ways she wants!! ;)

Looks like "2" is going to be interesting!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Off to Camp...

Well, the boys are off to camp...Last night was a whirlwind. I went to bed at 1am, after a marathon shopping/packing/costuming race. Got up at 2. Took Peyton to get on the Kanakuk bus at 3. Back to bed at 4. Couldn't sleep. Got up, organized stuff 'til 5:15. Went back to bed. Got back up at 6. Loaded car and left for airport with Tyler, Nolan and Clair (another sweet friend from Louisville--stayed with us last night) at 7. Came back home.  Realized Macy Li is going to need to be seriously entertained for 2 weeks 'cause she is SO going to miss all her brothers...=(

Nolan, Clair and Tyler at the airport, headin' off for the best 2 weeks of their entire year!
(Nolan looks like such a "commi" in this shirt, but it's one we got in China and he loves it)

At 2:30 this morning, I was so sleepy that I forgot to take my camera with me when we dropped off Peyton, so just imagine him here with blanket and pillow in hand, and a HUGE grin on that adorable little face, headin' off to kamp...His favorite 2 weeks of the year too!  =)


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"You be NICE!"

Within the last few days, Macy Li has learned from someone(???) to point her finger and say, "You be nice!"  It's absolutely hilarious!  I'll try to capture it on video and post it here, if I can figure that out.  Anyway, it's so funny because she has never known or had the opportunity to be sassy.  All we've ever seen out of her up until now is sweetness, and so seeing her look bossy is cracking us up.  I bet everyone in our family has pointed their finger and said this to each other at least 100 times in the past 2 days.  HAHAHA!!!  I guess "2" really is around the corner!

Well, have a great day and YOU BE NICE!!!



The boys are headin' out to the lake for the day, so I told 'em, "You be NICE!"  ~Macy Li

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Gettin' my PaRtY On!!!

Hi, Macy Li here...Well, we had a big weekend gettin' our party on!  My 2nd birthday is June 30th, but the boys won't be here for it because they leave this Thursday for Kanakuk and won't be home for 2 weeks.  So my cousin, Maggie Leigh (who turns 3 next week) came down from Cincinnati and we all had a weekend full of celebrations! We started out with my birthday brunch/party on Saturday morning, followed up with swimming in the afternoon and Chuck E. Cheese that night! Today, we celebrated Father's Day at home with Daddy, then headed over to Goggin's for Maggie's 3rd birthday celebration with a barbeque lunch, watermelon, and cupcakes...

Maggie was here to greet me when I woke up

I had to take care of some business first...

Maggie, Papa, McKenna, Goggin and Me...

Papa and Nannie Kemp...

My friend, Kristen...

My very first birthday cake...
Mom was NOT happy about this cake because her cake baker "bailed" on her last minute, and so she had to get this one from Publix, along with my "ugly" smash cake...I, however, loved them both!

Everyone sharing brunch and celebrating ME!

This was my first birthday party (last year for my first birthday, I was still at the orphanage with no family to love and celebrate me...This year I'm surrounded by the best family ever!)

I was VERY startled by the "Happy Birthday" song being sung, because I'd never experienced that before!

But somehow I knew how to blow out those candles!

...And tear into that cake!

Hmmm, wonder how long they'll let this go on?...

WoW, a multi-purpose cake!

"All done!"

Time to open presents!

A girl can get used to this!

Well, I sure know how to give love because I've been the recipient of SO much myself!
So many babies; so little time!

Mommy loved all the girly-stuff....She's SO OVER all that lame boy-stuff!

After my party, it was pool time with my cousins...

After an afternoon in the sunshine, we came home, showered, and got ready for my first trip to see Chuck E. Cheese! Now Mommy and Daddy said about 10 years ago that it'd be a cold day somewhere before they ever went back to that place, but off they went, loaded with every camera they could get their hands on! Here are a few of the 100s of pix they took...

Today, we woke up and my brothers cooked breakfast and served Daddy in bed for Father's Day. (When I woke up, I wanted another Swim-diaper on, so that's why I'm not in my jammies here)...

I love me some Starbucks!

I really am "one of the boys," shirt off and all!   (Mommy's prayin' I won't be warped from living in this frat house...whatever that means.)

Boy's drool; GIRL'S RULE!!!!!!

This afternoon, we celebrated my cousin Maggie Leigh's 3rd birthday at Goggin's house. She had been very patient and sweet all weekend long while she celebrated her other cousin's birthday on Friday night and then mine yesterday.

The beautiful, angelic birthday girl, Maggie!

Me with Papa and McKenna Grace...

Aunt Sissy, McKenna, and Uncle Charlie


Maggie Leigh and TyTy...

Ring around the rosies...

...And this is a hug, though it looks like a head-lock!

And that about wraps up my weekend...Thanks for stopping by my mom's blog!  It's going to be a big week, so stay tuned!

Macy Li